Error 927: Google Play Store is an ocean containing applications, games, movies, and such in android powered phones where users can download or purchase content of their choice. 

It’s the official app store for androids so it can easily be inferred how important it is. But despite this, Google Play Store is still prone to numerous errors. One of these errors is Error 927.

If you’re an Android user, you might’ve encountered Error 927 while downloading an app for the first time or updating an existing one. 

This error stops the download/update. If your download is interrupted, the format of this error is “App could not be downloaded due to an error. (927)“. If your update is interrupted, the format is “Update for App could not be downloaded due to an error. (927)“.

What Causes Google Play Store Error 927?

Error 927 in the google play store happens due to a data crash. Data crash happens when a software application doesn’t work at its best. Numerous factors lead to this. Some of them are enlisted below.

-Software Malfunction

-Lack of Internet Connection

-Cache errors

-Malware and adware

-Unsupported android version


How To Fix Google Play Store Error 927?

As there’s no specific culprit behind Google Play Store Error 927, there’s no sure-shot solution either. 

Sometimes a single method can work out while sometimes combinations of those methods are needed. Below are a couple of things you should check before trying to fix the issue:

-Your device is connected to a stable and strong internet connection

-The Google Play Store app isn’t upgrading

-You’ve tried downloading over Mobile data

-Your device’s android version supports the app


Once you check these, follow these methods to sort out Google Play Store Error 927 :


Clear Cache and Data

  • A lot of caches are created with the time that hinders the proper function of the Google Play Store. If you don’t clear them regularly, they get corrupted and lead to errors like the one we’re dealing with. Follow these steps to clear them:

–Go to Settings and Select Application Manager

–Select All tab

-Find Google Play Store and tap on it

–Now tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache

Uninstall App Update

Sometimes there are internal issues with the update or sometimes the update isn’t properly completed. You have to uninstall the update at times like this. Follow these steps;

–Navigate to Settings -> Application Manager -> All -> Google Play Store

–Click on Uninstall Updates

Re-Add Your Google Account

If the above methods don’t help, try this one.

–Go to Settings, Account, and then Google

–Select your account and tap on Remove it

–Now follow the first method and clear the Play Store cache

–Go to Accounts and add your google account again


Free Up Your Phone Storage

Sometimes lack of enough storage can also lead to Error 927. Make a habit of checking your storage once in a while. If insufficient storage is causing this issue, you have to free up the storage or upgrade the external storage.


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