Firstly, to clear things out, the “Cannot find server” error and the “Page cannot be displayed” error is the same thing. They are caused by the same problems but “Page cannot be displayed” is generally displayed in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome whereas “Cannot find server” is shown in Mozilla Firefox

Since there are a bunch of problems that could be causing this error message to be displayed, getting to the root of this problem can be very frustrating.

How To Fix the “Page Can’t Be Displayed / Cannot Find Server” error?

Check for Internet Issues:

Sometimes you could be presented with a Page that cannot be displayed an error message even if you are offline. First of all, check if the cables are connected properly or not. 

If using wireless, check the router to ensure MAC address controls are either disabled or properly configured to allow access. 

Finally, to figure out if your internet is really the issue, ask a friend to swing by with their laptop to confirm if the internet is the real issue. If the problem is with the internet then fix it and enjoy.

Clear Caches and History:

We mentioned in the previous solution that connectivity problems can result in the appearance of these error messages. 

A lot of caches, burgeoning Internet history folders, and other stored browsing data can cause problems in connectivity. 

These stored browsing data can slow down the internet speed and can even lead to the appearance of these issues. 

So, you can fix this by deleting all the caches and history folders of the browser.

Use LSP-Fix:

A missing Licensed Service Provider (LSP) could result from this error message. If you installed new software, remove software, update software or your antivirus program removed a virus or other malware just before the problem occurring, then this could be the case. 

In order to fix this use LSP-Fix and reboot the system. IF the problem still exists then follow the instructions outlined in Microsoft KB811259 to determine and recover from Winsock corruption.

We hope that this article was useful for you and you have successfully got rid of your problem.

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