Solved: ‘Could not Activate iPhone Error 3666588’ (100% Working)

Could not activate iPhone Error 3666588 may be due to either technical or manual issues but folks you don’t have to worry, as you are at the correct destination.

However, let’s first know about this error in a short and simple way.

A number of iPhone users face a problem with activating their newly operated iPhones. 

Along with the activation issue, many have also encountered the issue of updating iOS 11 especially if you are the iPhone 5S or the earlier version of iPhone users.

You are facing this error 3666588 because you couldn’t activate your iPhone devices. 

What is the cause of “Could not activate iPhone error 3666588”?

So, here is the list of potential causes that creates an iPhone activation error.

  • Activation Lock is Set: When your iPhone is linked with someone’s iCloud Account, the activation lock is set. 
  • Then in this condition, you will experience the iPhone touch activation error.
  • When your carrier experience various issues while operating the activation task.
  •  Then you must think the activation step is linked with AT&T and Verizon Customers in the US.
  • Also when your sim card does not support the iPhone device then you may face error 3666588 on iPhone.
  • Similarly, if you are encountering the activation server issue then also you may get iPhone 5s activation problem.
  • To check your iPhone activation server you can go to this link my iPhone activation link.
  • You can click on this link because sometimes due to iPhone activation error and high volume of traffic you might get 3666588 Error.
  • Also, you need a good internet connection because sometimes your iPhone cannot be activated for services is caused due to such iPhone errors.

How To mend Could Not Activate iPhone Error 3666588?

Check out the steps mentioned below:

Check if the SIM card is in your iPhone or Not

  • You have to check if you have a proper sim card or not. Similarly, the SIM card should be supportive and activated with iPhone devices.

Wait for Some time to fix iPhone error 3666588

  • Sometimes the server of apple might encounter high traffic issues. This case generally arises when you have a new iPhone and you have updated your operating system.
  • For this do examine the status of your Apple iPhone activation Server by visiting the iPhone activation link and for this simply Click Here.

Remove your SIM Card and Install it again to Activate Your iPhone

  • Sometimes the SIM Card might be displaced from its original position. so check the SIM Card tray frequently to activate iPhone Services. 
  • Therefore, if you reinstall the SIM Card then you will experience the difference in the iPhone Activation Errors solution.

Reset/Reboot your iPhone for Activation

  • When you reboot or reset your iPhone devices you will have to take different steps depending on their types and features.
  • Because with the older version of iPhone devices you can easily hold down the Home screen. You can also hold the Home Screen and Sleep/Wakeup tab at the same time for about 10 seconds.
  • But with modern iPhone devices such as iPhone 7 and 8, you have to use a different process. Because you have your home screen as Software inserted into your iPhone devices.
  • However, with the iPhone X, you can apply a different process as the home screen tab is not present in this device.

Unlocking the activation Lock of iPhone Devices

  • You can perform this task because this step will provide safety to your device if it is stolen or misused.
  • When you are trying to activate the iPhone device and if it has activation Lock then you must know that it is already a used device.
  • To switch off the Activation Lock, enter the former user’s Apple ID and Password.
  • If you are not able to do the above task then call the Apple Customer Care Center or you can go to a nearby Apple store.
  • You can now Activate your iPhone device as long as it is legally legit.

Make sure your iPhone is not Locked

  • You have to be sure that your device is not locked to a particular mobile connection. This will not enable you to use the SIM Card from another Network connected to the same device.
  • So, Unlock the previous connection of your iPhone device when you use a new SIM Card.

Checking WiFi Connection for iPhone Activation

  • You should always check your internet connection for its continuity and speed when you are trying to resolve the iPhone Activation Problem. 
  • If your Apple Server is blocked then try to use a different IP address to solve the unwanted error that occurred. 
  • As this error says Could not Activate iPhone Error 3666588  so you have to examine every aspect associated with iPhone activation issues.

Use iTunes to Activate your iPhone Device

You can also use iTunes to Activate your iPhone Devices and for this do follow our following steps below

  • Use the updated version of iTunes.
  • Turn off your iPhones and connect them to your PC with the help of a USB.
  • Turn on your iPhone as it must be triggered but if this process doesn’t work then, open your iTunes.
  • When your iTunes will detect the iPhone, then it will ask you to follow few steps to activate your iPhone device.
  • If your iPhone activation doesn’t happen instantly, you have to select your device simply from the left-hand side.
  •  So, here you can see the activation option where you have to activate your iPhone devices.
  • Log in to your Apple account and simply click on the Continue button.
  • This step can fix the unwanted error – “could-not-activate iPhone-error-3666588”

So there are few simple steps for you to correct iPhone-related errors.


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