Effective Ways to Turn off Find My iPhone without a Password

Find My iPhone is one of the features in your iPhone which helps you to track your phone if it gets lost or stolen. Even though this feature is enabled by default you may sometimes want to disable it.

Turning off Find My iPhone feature is a straightforward process but the issue arises when you don’t remember the password and want to sell or reset your iPhone.

There are 3 effective methods you can use to Turn off Find My iPhone. Please follow the steps mentioned below to turn off Find My iPhone.

Method 1: By iPhone Passcode Genius without using Password

If you are willing to turn it off without using the password you can follow this method. It can help you to turn it off with easy steps.

  • First, download iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius on your PC.
  • Choose Remove Apple Id.
  • Now, connect your iPhone to your PC following the instruction.
  • Click ‘Start’ to continue the process.
  • Reset your Setting, Settings>General>Reset>ResetAllSetting on your Phone.

Setting option

  • Then, enter your code to confirm the process.
  • Your Apple Id and iCloud Id will be removed and Find My iPhone will get turn it off after some time.
  • If not, after Entering the code Restart your device.

Method 2: Via iBypass Genius

Without using an iPhone password, this is another method to turn the Find My iPhone feature. Follow the steps given below.

  • Download and install iSunshare iBypass Genius on your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Open the tool and click on the turn-off FMI option.

Trun off FMI

  • Then, disable the network connection on your phone and check out if the connection in your connection is stable.
  • Check the agreement and accept if you agree with the terms.
  • Click on ‘Start’ to turn off Find My iPhone feature.
  • When the turning-off process ends, copy the serial number of your phone and click.

Enable option

  • Finally, a website will be shown for you to finally confirm the process.
  • Restart your device and check if it is Turned off or not.

Method 3: Use Forgot Password

If you don’t remember your iCloud or Apple Id then, you can remove it by using forgot password option in some cases. Follow the steps given below to turn it off.

  • Open the ‘Settings’ option on your iPhone.
  • Click on the Profile options.

Apple Id

  • Select the Find my Option from it.
  • Click on Find My iPhone

Find my phone option

  • Click on the toggle for Find my iPhone to turn it off, if it is on.
  • Now, you will find ‘Forget Password? option on your screen.

Forgot password option

  • Click on it and tap on Continue in the Forget Passcode?
  • Verify your Apple Id through another sign-in option that will be shown on the Window.
  • After verification of your account, you can continue to open your Id and will be able to turn off Find My iPhone option.

So, this three are the method that we hope was helpful for you. Many iPhones user have followed the guide and been successful in turning off the Find My iPhone option.

If any of these methods didn’t help out, you can leave us a comment below stating your issue and we will try our best to resolve your issue on How to Turn Off Find My iPhone without Password.


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