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How to Fix Google Play Store Error 924 “Can’t download the app”?

Google Play Store Error 924

Error 924 “Can’t download app” is a bug in the Google Play Store that prevents you from downloading or updating the app. This is a very common app on Android phones and you can easily fix it by following some of the effective solutions.

3 Easy ways to Fix Error Code 924 on Android Devices

Before getting started, just wanted to shed some light as to why you may have the Error 924 on your phone of tablet. There’s a couple of reasons why you are getting Error 924, one is that the cache data might be corrupted or Google update didn’t get installed correctly. Hence, if you are facing the Error 924 then you can try the 3 methods which explained below follow:

Method 1: Clear the Cache and Data

Clearing Cache and data is one of the common fixes for many issues specially on Android devices. This simple step can help you in fixing Error 924 also, so let’s see how it’s done.

  1. First, go to your device Settings and then Select Application Manager or Apps.

2. Next, make sure All apps are selected. This ensures that all the apps on your phone are displayed here.

3. Scroll down until you find Google Play Store. Tap on it.

4. Then, tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache button. On some phones, you might have to click on Storage to see the Clear Cache and Clear data options.

By following the above steps you now have cleared Google Play Store cache and data, now do the same for Google Play Services.

Once you have cleared for both the services, restart your phone and then try installing or updating any app from Google Play Store, if it seems that you have fixed the problem, then great or else please read the second method which can help you in getting rid of Error 924.

Method 2: Uninstall The Google Play Updates

In this second method, we will try to remove the recent update for Google Play. Doing so will reset your settings and configurations.

  1. First, go to your device Settings –>Applications or Apps.

2. Scroll down and then select ‘Google Play Store

3. Then, select ‘Uninstall Updates’

4. After unistalltion is complete, reopen ‘Google Play Store‘ and click on the update option.

Method 3: Remove and re-add your Google Account

If none of the above methods worked in fixing Google Play Store Error 924 then don’t worry, we can resolve by removing and adding Google Account. Follow the steps to do so:

  1. Go to Settings –>Cloud and accounts –> Accounts -> Google. On some android you might not require to select Cloud and accounts option, you can find Accounts under the Settings.

2. Select your main Gmail Account

3. Select Remove account and confirm it by clicking OK.

4. Next, go back to Accounts and then select Add Account.

5. Select Google and then add back your Gmail Account

After performing the above steps, launch Google Play and Download or Update the Application of your choice.
See if you still get Error code 924 on Google Play.

We hope that the three effective solutions helped you to Fix Google Play Store Error Code 924. And please let us know, if the above solutions worked or not.

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