Windows Live Mail is a Windows utility program that allows you to send or receive emails for free, directly from the Windows OS. 

WLM is the successor of Windows Mail and Outlook Express software. Anyone who uses WLM knows how handy and efficient it is. 

But despite all that, Users have reported getting Error Code 0x8007007A.

Error Code 0x8007007A usually happens when you try to send an email that contains an image or a whole album from OneDrive. 

This occurs because of a clash between Live Mail and OneDrive. While its predecessor SkyDrive allowed you to send albums and images via email, OneDrive doesn’t. 

This doesn’t allow users from sending emails even when there’s no image. Windows live mail throws a box that reads 

” An unknown error has occurred. 

Server: ‘’

Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8007007A

Protocol: SMTP

Port: 465 Secure(SSL): Yes ” on the screen.

When you send an image or an image album, OneDrive will halt the process and the email will be stuck there and will prevent other emails from being sent too.

How To Fix Error Code 0x8007007A?

There’s no actual fix to Error Code 0x8007007A. The only way to not get this error is by not sending an email that contains an image or image album. 

You can prevent Error Code 0x8007007A from happening by sending images as attached files. Some other things you can do to get over this problem are enlisted below.

Delete Pending Emails

The first thing you should perform is clear out all the pending emails. This is a lot helpful for people who’re getting Error Code 0x8007007A even when sending text emails.

-Go to Outbox on the left pane.

-Select all pending emails that have an image attached as albums (backup the data if they’re important).

-Delete them.

-Send a simple message to your own account to see if the issue is resolved.

Remove and Reconfigure your WLM Account

WLM can get corrupted or misconfigured and can lead to Error Code 0x8007007A so you can try removing and reconfiguring it.

To Remove

-Open WLM and go to Tools

-Find Accounts and on the menu and click on the email you want to remove

-Select Remove and then OK

To Configure

-Click on tools and then choose Accounts

-Click Add and select Email Account and Next

-Type in your account credentials and click Next again

Fix Repair Windows Live Mail

-Open the Control panel and scroll to Programs -> Programs and Features

-Select Windows Live Essential and choose Uninstall/Change

-Now select Repair all Windows Live Programs

-Restart your computer when you’re done

We hope that these simple steps have helped you to fix 0x8007007A Error. If you are still facing the problem, please let us know, so that we would check what other reasons may be triggering it and how to fix that.

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