Error 502: Bad Gateway is one of the most intrusive HTTP errors. Like any other online error, there are specific causes for the Error 502 message to be prompted. The error message may appear when one server on the internet received an invalid response from another server. The server was performing as a gateway or proxy and received an invalid response from the upstream server.

The 502 Bad Gateway error displays inside the internet browser window, just like web pages do but spotting it is not as easy as you think. This code doesn’t necessarily present itself in the same way, each time that it’s encountered. Don’t expect the number “502” to be present in the error message in every case of Error 502. For example, Twitter’s famous “fail whale” error that says “Twitter is over capacity” is actually a 502 Bad Gateway error. In the same way, websites could have customized their 502 error message. Let’s have a look at some of those examples:

  • 502 Bad Gateway.
  • Error 502.
  • HTTP 502.
  • HTTP Error 502 – Bad Gateway.
  • 502 Proxy Error.
  • 502. That’s an error.
  • Temporary Error (502).
  • 502 Service Temporarily Overloaded.
  • 502 Server Error: The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request at the moment.
  • Bad Gateway: The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

What Causes of 502 Bad Gateway Error?

502 Bad Gateway error is a server-side error. You can “technically” do nothing to fix it as the issue is with the server who is responsible for hosting the site.

The cause is simple, two online servers are having trouble communicating. This is the main cause but this is not the end of the story, the 502 error is the server’s problem but sometimes, this error message can be displayed in case of another problem due to a fault in a web browser.

In some outlying circumstances, your browser “thinks” that there is an issue between online servers when there isn’t one. This is all thanks to an issue with your browser, a problem with your home networking equipment, or some other in-your-control reason.

How To Fix the Error 502 Message?

These solutions are only for the case when there is a problem with the browser or it thinks it as an Error 502(except the last one). We suggest you try these solutions and find out if that is the case and solve it.

Refresh your browser

This error could be extremely temporary and could go away if you open the page again.

All you have to do is refresh your browser either by clicking on the refresh button on the top left of the page or by pressing F5 on the keyboard or even press Ctrl and R simultaneously.

Delete your Browser's Caches

Outdated or corrupted files that are being stored by your browser could be the reason for your web browser to think the problem is Error 502. If this is the case, solve this problem by deleting the caches and refreshing.

Switch your Browser

As mentioned in the causes, the reason for the emergence of this error message. Then use simple logic and switch your browser. Some of the most famous and convenient browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

Restart your computer

If the previous step isn’t working and you are receiving the error message in all web browsers, then it could mean that there are some temporary issues with your computer and how it’s connecting to your network. In this situation, a quick computer restart could mend this problem.

Fix your internet connections

This error message could be popping up because of your internet connection. If so, you can do so by restarting your internet equipment or changing your DNS servers.

Restart your modem, router, switches, or other networking devices. Change your DNS servers either on your router or your device.

Contact the website

There is not much possibility but the website owners might be at fault for this glitch.

Feel free to let the website administrators know about this problem.

See your Website Contact Information page for a list of contacts for popular websites, contact them, inform them about the problem and they might be able to fix the problem.

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