CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT is one of many infamous Blue Screen Of Death Errors but before I go into detail about ways to fix this error, I’m gonna let you in on a little background information.

CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT means that an expected clock interrupts on a secondary processor, in a multi-processor system, is not received within the allocated interval. This causes the screen to go blue and display ” 🙁 Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and now needs to restart. CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT can happen after a normal boot up or after installing Windows 10, or if your PC system had crashed.


CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT often appears because of the delayed clock in a multiprocessor configuration. It can also occur when the processor can’t work properly. These two happen generally due to the following causes:

Damaged or Outdated Drivers

Damaged or Outdated Hardware

Corrupt System Files

Incorrectly Configured Drivers

Driver Conflict after Installing New Driver

Virus or Malware Infection

RAM Corruption


Blue Screen Of Death Errors like CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT are quite rare but they can be problematic so it’s really important for you to fix them in time. Irritating as it seems, this error can be fixed easily. Before you start with your troubleshoot, disconnect all necessary USB devices connected to your system.

Update your Operating System

The first step you should take in order to fix this issue is to check if your OS is up-to-date and more so if this is your first time running into a CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error. Ensure all the windows update patches are installed. Follow these steps:

— Press Windows + I key simultaneously to open Settings.

— In settings, Choose Update and Security.

— On the left Pane tap on the Windows Update.

— Now click on Check for updates and ensure you have nothing to install.


Update your Device Drivers

CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error is mostly caused by outdated, buggy, incorrect, or corrupt device drivers so it is really important for you to ensure that all the devices have the right driver and update those who don’t. 

Updating drivers is fairly easy and you can do that by simply going to the manufacture’s website and downloading the latest driver for each device. Make sure that you download drivers that are compatible with your computer. Also, bear in mind that you have to update the drivers of each device on your PC to fix this error.


Run Windows Memory Diagnostic tool

Windows Memory Diagnostic tool is a windows utility that lets you scan for, diagnose and fix memory-related issues. Follow these steps to run it:

— Search your computer for Memory.

— Click on Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool from the results.

— Now click on the option Restart now and check for problems (recommended).

If that doesn’t help, try another memory diagnostic method. Follow these steps:

— Press Windows + R key to open the Run dialogue box on your computer

— Type in mdsched.exe  in the box and press the Enter key

— Press on the Restart now and check for problems (recommended) option. Your system will restart immediately.

— Wait for the scan to complete.

— Once the scan is completed, reboot your computer and see if the issue is fixed.


Run an SFC Scan

In case the CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT Error is showing up on your computer due to corrupt system files, you have to run an SFC scan. SFC scan helps you look for and fix such errors. Follow these steps:

— Press Windows + X key and click on Command Prompt (Admin).

— Type in sfc /scannow  in an empty box and then hit Enter.

— Let the scan complete.

— Once the scan is finished, Restart your computer.


Set BIOS Settings to Default

There are a lot of ways to get into BIOS settings as it varies from one PC to another. You have to be a lot careful and avoid doing anything that’s out of your understanding.

Follow the on-screen instructions carefully to set your BIOS settings to default.

Restart your computer when you’re done check if the issue still exists.

We hope that these simple steps have helped you to Fix the CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT Error in Windows 10. 

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