Do you want to know how to Fix DirecTV Error Code 775 easily? Have you ever sat down comfortably on your couch to watch TV, only to see Error code 775 displayed on your screen? 

When your DirecTV receiver is having  problemscommunicating with the satellite dish, DirecTV error code 775 occurs, resulting in interruption of the TV signal. 

We have several reasons for the communication between the receiver and the satellite dish to be hampered so before you go ahead and try to fix it, you have to know what could possibly hamper it.  

Reasons behind DirecTV error code 775

  1. Loose or Severed Cables
  2. Lack of power
  3. Problem with the Satellite dish
  4. Damaged receiver
  5. Bad Weather

Methods To Fix DirecTV Error Code 775

Now that you’ve known what are the main causes of DirecTV error code 775, let’s see what you can do to fix it.

Check Your Connection

 As you already know loose cables can lead to this problem, there are a few things you could do to prevent it. Follow these steps:

  • Check the back of your DirecTV receiver
  • Check every connection and check for the loose ones starting from Satellite In (SAT IN)
  • Make sure the cables are secure well and inserted in the right port
  • If you have adapters joined to the cable, check them as well
  • When you’re done, turn on your TV and check if the error still exists

Check your Swm Power Inserter

Swm power inserter is a little rectangular black box with a green LED light on that sends the satellite signal from the dish to your receiver. 

If you have an Swm power inserter like most DirecTV users, make sure it is connected to a power outlet. Sometimes they can be accidentally unplugged. 

If error code 775 exists even you have connected the power inserter to a power outlet, follow these steps:

  • Unplug the power inserter
  • Wait for at least 20 seconds before plugging it in
  • Plug it in a power outlet that cannot be turned off
  • Check if the LED light is green
  • Turn on your tv and see if the issue is fixed

Check for Damaged Cables

Cables can be damaged after months or years of use. Exposure to direct sunlight, water, and other outdoor elements can  be the cause for damaging them. If you own a pet and your wire is exposed, make sure they haven’t chewed the wiring. 

Animals like mice, cats, and dogs are known to chew wires so make sure the wires are kept away from their reach. If you find split wires, replace them with new ones with a professional’s help.

Wait for the Weather To Clear Up

Weather plays a huge role in Direct Satellite Television. If your Error 775 is caused by a natural causes, there’s not much you can do on your side except waiting for the weather to clear up and DirecTV servers to come back online.

Call DirecTV for Help

When you’ve tried all the mentioned methods but the error still isn’t fixed, call the DirecTV service provider. Software/hardware issues like a damaged receiver or wrong alignment of the satellite dish can only be fixed with a professional’s help.


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