Tired of searching for solutions in how to Fix the Entry Point Not Found error? If you’re a Windows user, I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the “Entry point not found” error. Usually, a dialogue box that reads “Entry point not found” pops up when you try to open some specific applications.

An entry point in software is basically where the control of the process is shifted from the OS (Operating System) to the Computer Program in action. When the entry point is not found, the processor cannot enter the program resulting in Entry Point Not Found error.

It’s a common error in Windows PC which happens when some specific DLL files are corrupted, missing, or damaged. When there’s a lack of proper maintenance, files get damaged leading to this error. Viruses or some malicious content can also be the reason behind it.

How To Fix Entry Point Not Found Error?

Now that you know what entry point not found error is and what causes it, let’s look at the ways you can fix it. Luckily, fixing it isn’t much of a trouble.

Run System File Checker

System File Checker is a built-in utility software that scans for and repairs damaged system files and restore them if any of them are missing. Follow these steps to run System File Checker:

  • Right-click on the windows button and select command prompt (admin) to open the CMD window as an administrator
  • Type in “SFC/scannow” and press Enter
  • Let the verification reach 100%, it might take a while to finish
  • Once the scan is completed, restart your computer

Re-install The Program

If the error is limited to a single program, try uninstalling and reinstalling it. If you have the installation files, this can help a lot. Restarting your computer before you reinstall is a must-take step.

Restore Your System

System restoration can fix a lot of issues like this. When you use it, your system jumps to a point where this error didn’t exist and gets rid of it. Follow these steps to restore your system:

  1. Press Windows + pause (break) key to open the System Properties box
  2. Click on the System Protection tab
  • Open System Restore and tap on next.
  1. Select the point where the error didn’t exist and click on Next then Finish.

Entry point not found” error gets worse with time as dialogue boxes start popping without an apparent reason so you have to fix it as soon as you encounter it the first time.

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