Do you wish to Fix the Error Code 0x80070035 Network Path Was Not Found Problem? A special feature of Microsoft allows its users that share the same network to share files and data among one another without connecting them with an ethernet cable. If you use his feature every once in a while, you might have come across a problem, an error message saying “Error 0x80070035 Network Path was not found“. Sometimes, people encounter this message when they are trying to access a file from another computer which means the computer cannot make the connection over the network with the other device.

There are numerous reasons behind the appearance of this message from firewalls to wrong path names. We will be discussing every one of those problems and will also mention their solutions.


How To Correct Error 0x80070035 Network Path was not found?

1)Correct the pathname:

A small mistake in the network path name could lead to this error being displayed. Pathnames are very specific and a small change a single character can bring this problem. The path specified must indicate a valid shared resource on the remote device. Check if you have entered the right pathname or not and if no, then correct the pathname and try doing the action again. If this is the case then your problem should be fixed.

2)Check the sharing settings:

Follow the steps below to make your device shared:

  1. Right-click on the drive that you want to access and click on “Properties” at the last option of dropbox.
  2.  Click on the “Sharing” tab and if the network path says Not Shared, then click Advanced Sharing.
  3. Click on the empty box to the left of “Share this folder“, enter your drive name below “Share name“.
  4.  Tap on “Apply” and then click on “Ok” to save the customizations.
  5. Press Windows and R simultaneously to open up the Run command.
  6. Enter the file name and click “OK“.

This should probably solve your problem.

3)Disable Firewalls and Antivirus programs:

In many cases, the firewall or Antivirus programs might be preventing the computers to share data. This mostly happens when the firewall is misconfigured and to check if this is happening in your computer as well, disable these programs. If you are able to access data of other computers when the firewall is disabled, you can be sure that the firewall is responsible for your problems. You don’t need to disable the firewall permanently though, you just need to change the firewall settings so that it doesn’t cause these error messages.

4)Ensure that there are no small errors:

It might be shocking for you but something as simple as the time of the computer clock being incorrect could be causing these error messages to pop up. If any of the Microsoft system services related to file and printer sharing for Microsoft networks fails to operate, errors can result. Make sure that the clock time in your device is correct, the usernames and passwords are correct when trying to connect to remote resources. If there are too many errors or you can find the errors, you can reboot your computer which will restore normal functionality.


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