Fix Error Code 0x800f0908 While Installing Language Packs

Windows 10 has a feature that allows you to use the OS in your preferred language. If your native language isn’t English, this might be really helpful for you. But in order to do that, you have to download Language Packs. Language packs let you view menus, dialogue box and other user interface items in your preferred language.

Error Code 0x800f0908 is an error window users face while installing Language Packs or Speech Recognition in Windows 10. This error prevents you from downloading and installing those packs, making it difficult for you to use windows. While installing, you may receive an error message saying that the installation has failed with the error code 0x800f0908.


You may get this error while installing Speech Recognition and Basic Typing too.

What Causes Error Code 0x800f0908?

Generally, the major reason behind this reason is the Internet Connection Type. Some sort of Internet Connection Type prevents these types of downloads. Often, users connected to the computer via WiFi face this issue. 

Some WiFi networks are set to Metered connection, which means that there’s a data usage limit. The user might have a limited data plan and using a metered connection to save extra data usage. Issues with Windows updates can cause this issue too.

How To Fix Error Code 0x800f0908?

As you already know Internet connection type is the main reason behind this issue, fixing it can easily solve this issue. However, there’s still a couple of other things you should to completely resolve this issue.

Turn Metered Connection Off

First, turn off the metered connection by following these steps:

-Press Windows + I key to open Settings.

-In settings, Choose Network & Internet.

-Select WiFi and Advanced Options.

-Now look for Metered Connection and select OFF.

Once you turn it off, restart your computer. The error will most likely be fixed but if it still exists, move to other methods.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Windows has built-in troubleshooters for almost every one of its features. Since Update issues can lead to this issue too, Use Windows Update Troubleshooter to try and fix this issue. Follow these steps:

-Press Windows + I key to open Settings

-Go to Update & Security

-On the left pane, click on Troubleshoot and choose Windows Update

-Now follow the on-screen instructions

Run DISM and SFC Scan

-Search your computer for CMD

-Right-click on it and choose Run as Administrator

-Type in the following commands

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

-Now run SFC scan.

-Type in sfc/scannow.

-Now restart your system.

We hope that these simple steps have helped you to Fix Error Code 0x800f0908 While Installing Language Packs. If you are still encountering the problem despite following the steps mentioned above, please let us know, so that we would check what other reasons may be triggering it and how to fix that.

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