CoD WWII (Call of Duty World War 2) is the fourteenth game in the CoD series, released on November 3, 2017. Even though it’s been out for a long time, gamers are still having a hard time with different sorts of update failures and error codes like Call of Duty WWII Error Code 4220.

CoD WWII Error Code 4220 can occur in all three types of devices it can be played on, Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox. Usually, this error happens in multiplayer mode and prevents users from accessing it.

A box that reads “The Call of Duty: WWII services are not available at this time. Please try again later. Error Code: 4220” shows up on the user’s screen. You’re likely to face this issue after you’ve updated the game.

Causes of CoD WWII Error Code 4220

Besides some obvious texts and weird symbols, there isn’t really anything meaningful to help you determine the source or solution to the issue. However, we’re here just to do that. Some of the causes of these issues are enlisted below.

  • Connectivity issues
  • Outdated version
  • Servers are offline
  • Misconfigured system files
  • Hardware Malfunction

How To Fix CoD WWII Error Code 4220?

The first thing you should do is check if the CoD servers are down. If they are, wait for them to come online. Make sure Xbox live is up and running too.
If this doesn’t help, follow the following procedures:

Restart The Console

Restarting your device can help you get rid of processes that are hogging the usage of the RAM. Even though Error Code 4220 points towards a different type of problem, a lot of users have reported that simply restarting their device has helped them get rid of the problem.

So first restart the device you’re playing CoD on. If you’re on PS4, press the power button on the front to turn it off then turn it back on.

If you’re on Xbox, Press the Xbox Button -> Settings -> Restart Console -> Yes.

While you’re at it, try logging in and out of your account too.

Check The Connection

Wireless connections can create lots of issues so it is recommended for you to be connected through a wire. Wired connections help the system achieve optimal performance.

If you’re on PC and use a firewall, forward the right ports to allow the stable connection. You can also try resetting your MAC address on your Xbox. Follow these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to All Settings.
  • In the console section, Click on Network and then Advanced Settings.
  • Choose your alternate MAC address then “Clear” it.
  • Restart the console for the change to take place.

Right NAT Type

NAT (Network Address Translation) is a characteristic feature that allows your router to share a single IP (Internet Protocol) address across multiple devices on the network.

On Xbox/Microsoft, it is recommended that the NAT type is Open, whereas on PS4 the NAT type should be Type 1. Make sure the NAT type is set according to the recommendations.

On your PS4, Navigate to Settings -> Network -> Connection Status.

Your NAT type is listed at the bottom. Make sure it is set to Type 1.

On your Xbox, Go to Settings -> All Settings -> Network-> Test NAT type in the far right column. Make sure it is set to Open.

Contact a professional if your NAT types are out of place.

Update / Re-install The Game

Updated versions are likely to eradicate bugs and glitches that existed in the previous version so make sure the version of CoD WWII you’re playing is updated.
If it’s not, update it by going to your game’s settings and choosing “Check for updates”. If updating doesn’t help, reinstall the game.

On PS4:

  • Go to the main menu and navigate to CoD WWII.
  • Press the “Option” button on your controller and scroll down to “Delete” and confirm it by pressing “OK“.
  • Once it is deleted, restart your console Go to the Purchased section on your library.
  • Press X on the CoD WWII and press “Download

On Xbox:

  • Go to the Home Screen and navigate to My Games and Apps.
  • Click on CoD WWII and press the Start button then click Manage Game.
  • Back up your game data then Choose Uninstall All option.
  • When it’s completed, restart your console
  • And then Navigate to My Games and Apps > Games and install CoD WWII.

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