Recently Android smartphone users are facing an error “Error Retrieving Information from Server RPC: S-7:AEC-7” while using Google Play Store.

Google Play Store is an online app marketplace where users download and install android apps. It is a convenient one-stop for android users to get the app they desire but sometimes users end up facing issues while trying to download an app from the play store.

Error Retrieving Information from Server RPC: S-7:AEC-7 is a Google Play Store error that prevents users from updating or downloading an app.

Some of the reason why you are facing this error are:

  • Network issue.
  • Corrupt stored data.
  • Unstable updates.

How to Fix Error Retrieving Information from Server RPC:S-7:AEC-7 in Google Play Store?

Now as we have some idea about Google Play Store Error Retrieving Information from Server RPC: S-7:AEC-7, let’s look at the possible fix to get rid of this error.

We have 3 easy methods to fix Error Retrieving Information from Server RPC: S-7:AEC-7 issues. But before starting with the fix make sure you are using a strong connection.

1. Clear Google Play Store's Cache and Data

Simple steps like clearing out Cache and data has proved to be productive to fix out most of the issues on Android Phone. And yes, it does help to fix rror Retrieving Information from Server RPC: S-7:AEC-7 as well.

So follow the steps mentioned below to clear out Cache and data from your smartphone.

  • Go to phone Settings and then Select Application Manager or Apps.
  • Next, make sure All apps is selected. This ensures that all the apps on your phone are displayed here.
  • Scroll down until you find Google Play Store. Tap on it.
  • Then, tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache button. On some phone you might have to click on Storage to see the Clear Cache and Clear data options.

The above steps clears that cache and data for Google Play Store, now do the same to clear out the cache and data for Google play Services.

Once done, restart your phone and see if you have got rid of rror Retrieving Information from Server RPC: S-7:AEC-7. If the error still persist then please try the next method.

2. Reconfigure Google Account

This particular error can also occur do to issues with the google account. In this method we will try to reconfigure your Google Account.

  • Open your phone Settings
  • Then locate and click on Google option.
  • Next, select your account and then tap on Remove account
  • Now, go to Accounts and add your Google Account again

After making the change, restart your phone and check if the error still persists. If you still facing the same issue then please try the third method.

3. Google Play Store Updates

If the above mentioned methods fail, the only fix left is to uninstall Google Play Store Updates. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open phone Settings.
  • Then click Application Manager or Apps.
  • Make sure to select All tab and then choose Google Play Store.
  • Next, click on Uninstall Updates and then click OK.

That’s it, restart your phone after making the change. 

We hope that these simple steps have helped you to “Fix Google Play Store Error Retrieving Information from Server RPC: S-7:AEC-7“.

If you are still encountering it, please let us know and we will try to help you asap. Thank you!

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