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Fix Google Play Store Error 963

Fix Google Play Store Error 963

Google Play Store Error 963 is an error encountered by android users while trying to download, install or update an app. It’s random and frustrating and can happen while downloading or updating any app. 

Error 963 is encountered mostly by those who use smartphones such as Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, and mostly HTC M8/M9.

Google Play Store is the official application store for Android-based smartphones so it can be easily inferred how important it is and how distressful running into errors like this can be. 

It not only interferes with the download and updates, by doing that it disrupts the users’ experience too. A box with any of these messages will appear that reads App couldn’t be downloaded due to an error. (963) OR  App can’t be downloaded.

Your update just keeps suspending or a similar type of message can pop up while updating applications too.

What Causes Google Play Store Error 963?

When the device can’t write the data required to download/update the app for some reason, Error 963 occurs. Let’s look at what reasons lead to this:

Corrupt App Store Cache

SD card related issues

Unsupported Google Play Update

How To Fix Google Play Store Error 963?

Fixing Google Play Store Error 963 isn’t rocket science, you can do it within minutes. Since there are multiple reasons that can cause this error, there are multiple solutions too. Here are a few solutions with step-by-step details that will help you fix Google Play Store Error 963.

Clear Play Store Cache

Google app store creates lots of caches which with time get corrupted. If you don’t clear them regularly, they can lead to errors like the one we’re dealing with, Error 963. Follow these steps to clear them:

-Go to Settings and Select Application Manager

-Every one of your apps is under the All tab so Select All.

-Search for Google Play Store and click on it.

-Now tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Once you’re done clearing Play Store’s cache, clear the cache of apps you’re having problems updating. Follow the above-mentioned methods but instead of choosing Google Play Store, choose the app that’s creating problems.

Clear App Cache and Move the App

-Go to Settings and Select Application Manager

-Select All to view all your apps

-Look for the app that’s facing Error 963 and Click on it

-Press Clear Data and Clear Cache

-Now choose Move to devise storage

Sometimes Play Store updates have internal issues that can lead to the errors like this. The best option for you is to downgrade it at times like this. Follow these steps:

-Navigate to Settings -> Application Manager -> All -> Google Play Store

-Now Choose Uninstall Updates

Once the Play store is downgraded, try installing/updating the app that’s creating Error 963.

Unmount SD Card

Unmounting a drive makes it impossible for the device to access it. Here, unmounting SD card will help change the location of the app. Follow these steps:

-Go to Settings and select Storage

-Now tap on Unmount SD Card

-Try re-downloading/re-updating the app with 963 error

-Now re-mount the SD Card

Remove and Re-Add your Google Account

Re-configuring your google account is another way to fix this problem. Follow these steps:

-Go to Settings, scroll down to Accounts and choose Google

-Now select your account and from the Menu section, tap on Remove account.

-Reboot your phone and re-configure your account.


We hope that these simple steps have helped you to Fix Google Play Store Error 963. If you are still struggling with the same problem, please let us know, so that we would check what other reasons may be triggering it and how to fix that.

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