If you are going through a Mac error code 36 while you’re attempting to copy or move files on your Mac OS or any other Mac device, then don’t worry about it.

Error code -36 is a rare error that commonly appears when content from a Windows-compatible volume gets transferred to a MacOS and then back again.

A dialogue box with the message The Finder cannot complete the operation because some data in ‘File Name’ can’t be read or written (Error code -36) pops up showing that the process that you were trying to perform is suspended.

The file name that commonly suffers is sometimes.DS_Store, but it can happen to any file on mac. Error Code -36 is not something that happens on a regular basis. Besides damaged and broken files, malware or computer viruses and incompatible or outdated software/hardware can also cause this error.

How To Fix Mac Error code 36?

macOS is presumed to be a lot more reliable and a lot less troublesome than other operating systems but as you’ve already known, it is prone to errors too. However, fixing these errors isn’t a big deal if you know your way around. Follow our simple tips mentioned below to fix mac error 36 :

Run dot_clean

Dot_clean is a simple utility that can go through all the files in a selected directory and merges Dot-underscore files together with their corresponding resource files.

  • The first step is to open the terminal app on your mac, so Navigate to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
  • Then, type “dot_clean” in the terminal window
  • Now place the desired folder in the terminal window. This will add the path of the folder to the command you just typed.
  • Press enter, this step will merge the hidden files together with their host files.

Now try to copy the folder to see if the problem still exists.

Check Permission and Sharing Settings

Permission settings control access or modifications of files on a computer. Sometimes, lack of permission or a certain sharing setting mistake can prevent the files from moving causing error code -36. Right, Click on your file -> Get info -> Sharing and Permissions information. Now set permissions according to your liking.

Copy Files in Safe Mode

Try copying files in safe mode. If you can, try to drag your files without using the finder.  Since using the finder needs a number of permissions and checks, it’s easy to just drag them, without using it.

Make Sure There’s No Problem With The External Media and The Connection is Stable.

Use Disk Utility

Disk utility scans for disk health and repairs if there’s an error.  

Navigate to Go -> Utilities -> Disk Utility -> Verify Disk.

If any error shows up again then simply click Repair Disk and then try again.

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