Are you facing issue with PS4 Error Code NW-31456-9? You have tried to resolve it but don’t seem to find a way to resolve it. Don’t worry, we will explain you with simple methods by which you can fix PS4 Error Code NW-31456-9.

Like any other gaming console or devices, there can be issues and error that can pop up. PlayStation is no different and minor to serious bugs can cause you problem while trying to play games. 

An error code helps in identifying the issue. Find out what is causing the error, so before diving into resolving the issue, let’s understand why you got error in PS4 with Error Code NW-31456-9. 

What is PlayStation Error Code NW-31456-9?

PlayStation Error Code NW-31456-9 occurs when you have Connection error. Your system basically can’t connect to either PlayStation Network (PSN) or the game server. 

How To Fix Error NW-31456-9 on PS4?

Below we have 6 solutions by which you can try to resolve the Error NW-31456-9 on PS4.

Solution 1: Check PlayStation Network Service Status
  • Make sure to check that PSN services are available.
  • If you find out that there are no issues with PSN services, check out the official website for the game you are trying to play. See if they are going through any maintenance or if there is high traffic issues.
  • After checking both, if you still have problem connecting, this might be a short term issue. So wait for a while and Try again later.

Also, you can check the PlayStation Network status by visiting or click here.

Solution 2: Restarting PSP Console/Modem

This is one of the basic and surprisingly the best and ingenious way to resolve most of the error you encounter.

  • Restart your PlayStation 4.
  • Then Restart your network router.

After you restart both your modem and console, see if you still have the PS4 Error NW-31456-9. If the error persist still, then let’s move onto the next solution.

Solution 3: Log Out From PSN Account
  • Try logging out from your PlayStation Network account (PSN) on PS4.
  • Then, reboot your PS4.
  • Turn it on and log in again. 

Check if you still have the error.

Solution 4: Changing MTU Settings

Changing MTU settings has worked for many in solving the NW-31456-9 Error Code issue.

  • To change the MTU, first get to the Home Screen by pressing the PS4 Controller button.
  • Then, go to the Settings area and click on Network.
  • Next, click on Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Select your internet connection. It could be either WiFi or LAN Cable.
  • After selecting your connection, select Custom.
  • Then, locate the MTU Settings and set the value to be 1473.

Restart your PS4 console and see if this step fixed the Error Code NW-31456-9.

Solution 5: Changing DNS Settings

DNS or the Domain Name System main function is to translate domain names into IP Addresses.

In this solution we will try to change the DNS to as your primary DNS and as your secondary DNS. 

To change your DNS settings on PS4, follow the steps mentioned blow.

  • First, go to Settings, then select Network and finally click on Setup internet connection option.
  • Then, choose your connection type (WiFi/LAN).
  • Next, choose Custom setup
  • Then select Automatic IP address settings
  • No need to Specify DHCP Host-name.
  • Select Manual and on DNS Settings, enter your Primary and Secondary DNS.
Solution 6: Switch To Cable Connection

If non of the solution mentioned above worked for you then it’s probably best to switch to Cable Connection.

Cable connection is always more stable than wireless connections.

We hope you were able to fix PS4 Error Code NW-31456-9. If not, we advice you to wait for some time and then check back later to see if the error still exists. Thank you!

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