Fix PUBGMobile – Internet Error Code 154140716: Lots of PUBG Mobile users are facing Internet Error Code 154140716 in PUBGMobile. This error is not allowing users to connect to the main gamer server. 

So, the main reason behind this problem is maybe your internet connection has some issues or you may have mobile data-related issues.

PUBG has both English and Korean version so that you can choose your option. But there will be other language options in the days to come. 

Considering its renowned popularity among mobile users PUBG Mobile is in the process of launching a new and upgraded version of PUBG. 

PUBG game is founded by a Korean Company named Bluehole which is located on Seol, the South Korean capital.

PUBGMobile can be operated on IOS, One, Android, Xbox, and Windows. So you don’t have to take any stress regarding your operating system. 

PUBGMobile has created a great user experience among a huge chain of its users, but as it is said every good thing also has a bad experience which you might have faced.

 Because if you have played this game recently then definitely you might have got this bitter experience.

As, the name of this error is Internet Error Code 154140716: PUBGMobile, so you will get complete information about this error just scroll till the end with focus.

This error is quite a complex error but no worry guys steps are simple you can upgrade to a new version, use a good VPN or you can also reload your game.

But, do not worry guys we are here for your help to correct the PUBGMobile error, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps to Fix Internet Error Code 154140716 in PubgMobile?

  • To fix Internet Error Code 154140716: PubgMobile, the first step is you can go to Google Play or the App Store
  • After this, you should have a proper VPN ( You can use Opera Free VPN or Touch VPN, both are free to use)
  • You can download Opera VPN from Google Playstore or Appstore according to the device you use
  • Where you will see this Screen Frame:
  •  Click on the download button you will see this screen:
  • Scroll to the Settings > General > VPN and ensure Opera VPN is connected properly.   
  •  You will have to press on allow and get started tabs
  • Simply scroll down to Settings > General > VPN and ensure Opera VPN is connected properly.   
  • Here you will see this web frame:
  • Now simply you will have to go back to Opera VPN and click on the Switch Location option which is simply beneath the Device Location section.
  • But there are numerous options in this app, So the main point is you just have to modify your device’s location.
  •  You will see this screen frame:
  •  So with this Opera VPN selects the nearest location near you but this may or may not be appropriate in the PUBGMobile case. Thus you simply have to select Netherland as your location.
  •  Here you will see this Screen Frame:
  • You will now immediately connect with the main server
  • Then you can simply run PUBGMobile once again
  • Finally, you can enjoy this game to the fullest extent without any interruption.


Here in this article, we have learned about Internet Error Code 154140716: PUBGMobile and the steps to solve this error. If you follow this step then definitely you can get rid of this error and have an experience of a hassle-free gaming experience. But still, nothing is 100% efficient so, if you have any problem regarding PUBGMobile then please feel free to contact us.

As we are always ready to help you to resolve your issues related to this error. So do give your feedback to us we will respond to your queries as soon as possible. 


We hope that these simple steps have helped you to Fix PUBGMobile – Internet Error Code 154140716.