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How to fix Unfortunately System UI has stopped working in Android

System UI Error In Samsung Galaxy

Lately, Samsung Galaxy users are facing an annoying error “Unfortunately, system UI has stopped”. If you are having the same issue with your device then no don’t worry, read the remaining article to fix this particular error.

But before jumping ahead and learn how to fix the “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” error on Samsung Galaxy let’s know a bit about System UI Error on Samsung Galaxy.

System UI is a native service in all Samsung Galaxy devices and if it crashes then it will create a firewall error. Also sometimes the third party can be the real cause for system UI Error.

There is no definite reason for this error, but still, one of the main causes is when you install a third-party launcher on your Samsung Galaxy, then it will cause user interface-related issues.

Likewise, corrupted caches and data can also cause System UI errors on Samsung Galaxy devices.

If your phone has a severe performance error then also you might face a System UI error on your Samsung Galaxy device.

How To fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” error on Samsung Galaxy?

Now let’s start with the solution on how to fix System UI error on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Solution 1: Uninstall Error Prone Apps

As mentioned above, sometimes a System UI Error can pop up when you try to install an application.

Now, the best way to resolve System UI is to uninstall the application. Restart your phone and check if the error still exists or not.

Solution 2: Boot in Safe mode

If the first solution didn’t solve the System UI error, then try this next method.

In this method, you will need to install the launcher prior to installing that application. To be able to do this, you will have to first isolate the application simply by booting your android device in a safe mode.

To reboot in safe mode, press and hold the shift key.
And When you see “Samsung Galaxy” on your screen release the power key. Then press and hold the volume down button.
Continue holding the Volume Down button until your device completes the restart process.
After this you will see the Safe Mode option on the lower-left corner of your screen, then you can release the button.

Solution 3: Wipe Cache Partition

Lastly, if both of the above didn’t work for you then we can try the next method which will be to delete the system cache.

Follow the steps below to wipe up the cache partition:

Turn off your Samsung Galaxy, then press and hold the Volume Up Key, Home Key, and the Power Key. When your device vibrates you have to release the Power Key. But make sure to continuously press and hold the Volume Up Key and the Home Key.
And when your Android device recovery screen appears then release the Volume Up and Home Key.
Then press the Volume Down Key to highlight the “Wipe Cache Partition”. Press the Power key to select all.

After you have completed the wipe cache partition then “Reboot System Now” is highlighted. Then press the Power Key to “Restart” your system.
Finally, you will be able to fix the “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” error on Samsung Galaxy.

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