Something Went Wrong 40303 Error

If you get Tinder Error 40303 issues, it means for some reason your account has been removed or simply banned from Tinder. Some of the reason that gets you banned on Tinder is by violating Tinder guideline or ToS.

There is no easy way to fix this issue as this is related to violation of Tinder guidelines and terms which in a way is a serious offense. But If you are sure you have not violated them and want to get back your account the best way is to contact the Tinder Management Support Team. If that doesn’t help then you might as well need to create a new Tinder account.

Clearing out Google Services Framework Cache

Sometimes to run your applications smoothly you might want to clear the Google services cache. As Google Service Framework is used to synchronize your data and stores it on your device and usually takes up storage space. By clearing up the cache it will help in freeing up unwanted spaces enabling you to Fix Tinder errors.

So, if you need to know how to clear up the Google Service Framework cache to free up memory space then please follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to Settings, click on Apps or Application manager.

The visibility should be All apps, if it isn’t then please select from the drop-down menu.

After selecting to view All apps, you should find Google service Framework. Then click on “Force Stop” and again click on the “Clear Cache” option.

Now you will need to restart your device because after which your change will take effect and fix Tinder-related issues.

Reinstalling the Tinder Application

  • If you are having persistent issues while using Tinder and nothing helps, it’s better to reinstall the Tinder app. Make sure to uninstall the application first and restart if necessary to start a fresh install of the Tinder app. This method is very useful for fixing bugs you were having.

Removing Tinder Application from Facebook

  • If the Tinder application is linked with Facebook and you want to remove it, please follow the steps mentioned below.
  • First, launch your Facebook account that is linked with Tinder.
  • Select Settings & Privacy.
  • Select Settings.
  • Click Apps and Websites in the left menu.
  • Click the box next to the Tinder apps.
  • Click Remove.

For problems related to various google products like Google Play Store, Hangouts or any others follow the steps shown below:

First, go to settings and select Security and then Device Administrators.

After entering into the Device Administration section you will need to Deactivate Android Device Manager.

Then again go to Settings>Apps>All>Google Play Services.

After the above steps, click on Uninstall Updates.

Go to Settings, then Select Security, Device administrators, and finally Activate Android Device Manager.

After following the above steps, please restart your device.

Screen Related Issues:

For screen-related issues, while using any app or in this case Tinder, it is really helpful if you start by clearing out the cache of your device. This error mainly occurs due to compatibility-related scenarios.

In this case, you will need to reboot your device in recovery mode in order to clear your cache in the Android device. Please follow the steps mentioned below to fix this issue:

First, switch off your device.

After it is switched off, press the volume down and power button.

After seeing visual hints on your screen, press the volume button up.

Then in the next step just select Cache Data and Cached Option.

Confirm clear cache done option.

Tinder Account Subscriptions tied up?

Premium subscription can be associated with only one Tinder account at a time. So if you are getting the following messages “Your subscription is currently tied to an existing Tinder account,” it means your subscription is associated with an account that isn’t the one you’re are currently signed in to.

If you have another Tinder account and want to transfer your old subscription to that account then to do so, you will first have to permanently delete your old Tinder account and only then you can proceed. Remember deleting your account will also permanently delete your matches, messages, and basically, everything associated with that account.

To delete your previous Tinder Account follow these steps mentioned below:

First sign in to the account you want to delete.

Tap the profile icon.

Then go to settings.

Scroll down until you find a delete button, click on it.

You should receive a message letting you know that your account was successfully deleted.

After deleting your account, log in to your new Tinder Account and go to Setting and click on restore purchase.

After all bugs and issues are all part and parcel of software or mobile application so and sometimes it seems to be impossible to get rid of them. So we hope this article has helped you in solving the issues you were facing while using Tinder. Please let us know if you need any help in the comment section below.

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