Many of you are reading this post because you have 2000 Network Error in Twitch. 

Twitch is a live streaming platform that mainly concentrates on streaming online video games. It allows you to watch your favorite gamers play, favorite games being played, e-tournaments, and much more live or on-demand.

Even though it started just as a video game streaming service, it has expanded its services, permitting streaming of non-gaming-related content like music, talk shows, artwork creation, etc.

To a non-gamer, watching someone else playing a game sounds boring and unproductive, however, surprisingly, over 2 million new users stream on twitch every month, and more than 17 thousand people earn through the platform.

Despite its fame and reliability, Twitch users often run into a few problems, errors, 2000: Network Error being one of them. As its name suggests, it’s a network error that usually happens when there isn’t a secure connection.

A black screen with the text “2000: Network error” appears on the screen suggesting that the stream isn’t available.

5 Major Causes of Twitch 2000: Network error

The cause behind Twitch 2000: Network error can vary from one user to another so it’s definite that there’s no single reason this can happen.

However, there are few reasons that can lead to it, ranging from browser problems to your twitch account issue. 5 of the causes are listed below:

  • Use of ad blockers
  • Browser issues
  • Antivirus
  • Cache and Cookies
  • Use of VPN

How To Fix Twitch 2000: Network error

Like its causes, you might have already guessed that there’s no definite fix either. The solution to Cause1 might be different from the solution to Cause2. However, it is recommended that you try all the fixes as you’re probably unaware of the major cause leading to this error.

Refreshing the page couple of times usually fixes the issue but if it doesn’t follow these steps:

  • Disable Ad Blocker

Using adblocker has numerous benefits but it also leads to multiple errors and problems. Multiple sites use counter-measure against adblocking software so if you use any type of ad blocker on your web browser that could be the reason behind Twitch 2000: Network error. Try disabling the ad blocker on your browser and reopen the browser.

  • Use a Different Browser

There are a lot of issues a browser may cause that the users are unaware of. So try to stream on a different browser. But before you perform this action, try everything you can on the browser you are using starting from disabling browser extensions.

If disabling extensions doesn’t help you fix the issue move on to clearing cache and cookies and when that doesn’t help, try opening it in an incognito mode. And when even that doesn’t help, use another browser.

  • Disable Antivirus Software

Sometimes antivirus software installed on your device blocks twitch as a false positive. Try temporarily disabling your antivirus installed on your device and if it solves the issue add an exception for twitch and allow it to run with the antivirus enabled. If you wish to use the twitch app, make sure it’s a legitimate copy.

  • Reboot Your Computer

Sometimes things are installed, uninstalled, or updated and the process isn’t complete until you reboot your computer so try rebooting your computer and see if it helps you fix the issue.

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