Fix VPN 619 Error Code: VPN error 619 – A connection to the remote computer could not be established, a number of times you may have seen this message.  

How many times have you seen this error message would be the appropriate question if you are working with a Microsoft Windows-based virtual private network as this is the most common issue faced by people who do.

This issue may appear when the computer is trying to establish a new connection to a VPN server or when it is suddenly disconnected from an active VPN session.

How To Fix VPN 619 Error Code?

The majority of the time, this issue is very quickly resolved, if handled smartly.

1)Disconnect other VPN clients:

If you have two or more VPN clients set up on your computer, ensure that only one is running and disconnect all other ones. Having two or more VPN connections set up on your computer can cause conflicts.

You have to check both for running applications and also for Windows services. Now Reboot the computer if necessary to ensure all other applications are stopped.

2)Disable firewall and antivirus programs:

You might not believe me when I say your firewall or antivirus applications could be causing the appearance of this message but cases like this aren’t unheard of. They could have blocked access to the VPN ports.

In order to find out if this is the case, just disable the firewalls and antivirus programs for a while. See if everything is fine or not, if it works now, it means that these programs are stopping access to the VPN ports.

3)Try standard troubleshooting steps:

If non of the above methods are working for you this one might solve it. You can try some standard troubleshooting steps which include:

  •  Delete and reinstall the VPN client configuration settings.
  •  Check for another computer, maybe that of your friend, that has a working setup to compare your network configurations with the properly working computer, looking for any differences.
  •  Reboot the client’s computer.

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