Fix VPN Error 800: A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, and permits users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly joined to the private network. When you try to connect to a VPN and can’t, you will receive an error message with a number depending on your problem. Out of those errors, Error, 800 is one of the most common errors encountered by people. And the worst part about this error is that it doesn’t exactly specify why the connection is failing.


What Is The Cause of VPN Error 800?

As we mentioned earlier, the VPN Error 800 “Unable to establish the VPN connection” doesn’t specify the problem. Some of the possible causes for VPN Error 800 is as mentioned below:

  • The VPN traffic is being blocked by a network firewall.
  • The client device disconnected from the local network.
  • Invalid name or address for the VPN server.


How To Fix VPN Error 800?

Fixing is simple, what we are going to teach is how to fix the causes mentioned above.

1)Check if your firewall is blocking VPN connections:

If your firewall is blocking VPN connections then you will have to update your firewall configurations with additional settings to the port numbers which is being used by the VPN network.

2)Make sure that the client-server network connection is good:

To check whether the network connection is the problem, you can ping the server. You can also try the connection from a different client device to make sure if the problem is with the connectivity in a specific client or not. Try the connection after waiting a minute or two.

3) VPN server name and address:

You can receive this error message if the name you entered is not matching with the server name set up by the VPN administrator. You can enter your IP address instead of your name but you are more likely to make a mistake. Make sure this is not the case and if it is, correct them. 


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