There are many reasons why the Discord search is not working. One of the reasons might be that the Discord server is down and the search might not function properly.

Another reason is your discord app is not updated or might be that the internet connection is not working.

Follow the steps below.

1. Replace or Fix internet connection

If you are using discord on any of your devices you will notice that it requires a high-speed internet connection. Poor connection or unstable connection can be one of the reasons that the Discord search not working or you might find some error in Discord.

You can test speed by using some app and be sure if your internet is causing this error or not. Switch of internet connection on your device or turn off your router for a while and again open your connection and check if Discord search is working.

2. Check Discord Outage Status for Server Error

If your internet connection is not the problem then check out the Discord running status. Sometimes Discord server is down and you will not able to perform any activities in your app.

You will have to wait until the app is functioning as usual again if the Discord server is down. Check out Discord running status first before going to any other solution.

3. Update Discord

If you are using the old version of Discord then it might be the reason the search not working. So, updating the application to the latest version can solve the error sometimes.

The app looks out for updates every time so you can go to setting and find the update automatically after every new version is launched.

You can even set to update your application automatically every week or a month. Try updating your app if Discord search is not working, this is another solution to solve your problem.

4. Clear Cache

You can try to clear the cache to solve the error. Sometimes clearing the cache will also clear the problem in your apps. Search app data on your PC or go to setting in your phone and find App and notification option.

Click on it and find the Discord app and open it. You will find a cache option on your PC. Select the file and click on delete.

After cleaning restart, the Discord app and check ether the issue is solved or not.

5. Reinstall Discord

If none of the above solutions did work out for you, try reinstalling the app. If you are having a problem with your phone and want to re-install Discord, simply go to the Play store and find the app and click on uninstall. Wait for a while and install the app again. If you are working on a computer follow to steps to re-install.

  1. Press the window key and R key on your Keyboard.
  2. Type ‘appiz. cpl’ to go to program and Feature in the Control Panel.
  3. Select the Discord app from it and click on Uninstall button.
  4. After the app is Uninstall follow the usual steps and download discord.

Download the app on your device and open your account and see whether the problem is solved or not.

Hopefully, these 5 methods will help you solve the Discord Search error. You can follow the steps for your mobile phone and Pc both, this will help for both of the devices to solve the error.




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