How To Fix Video Playback Error in Youtube App?

“I’ve been getting a ‘Video Playback Error Tap to retry‘ on my YouTube app every time I try to open a video and no matter how many times I tap to retry, I get the same message. How do I solve this?”

I’m pretty sure you’re here because of the same error. YouTube Video Playback error means that you can’t have access to any YouTube videos. Running into errors while streaming videos can be really infuriating. But it’s not just you though. A lot of people face this Playback Error.

When it comes to streaming videos on the internet, nothing comes close to YouTube. It has been in the game for so long, not a single video-streaming platform has challenged its throne. 

And to add to that, YouTube provides such a smooth experience to its end users, it is truly unmatched. But despite such a great reputation, users are still known to run into errors like the one we’re talking about.

How To Fix YouTube Playback Error?

YouTube Playback Error can be the result of slow internet connection, cache issues, server errors, and such. There’s no definite cause and a lot of things can trigger it. 

However, fixing it isn’t much trouble. Now that you have the overview of YouTube Errors, let’s look at what you can do to remove this problem so you can watch YouTube videos without any trouble. 

Make sure your mobile’s software and the youtube app are up-to-date.

  • Start your troubleshooting by resetting your router: There are numerous issues that can get cleared by simply resetting the browser. Once you reset the router, clear out your browser’s cache, cookies, history, and temporary files.
  • Clearing these often fixes errors within the software. If you’re on android, navigate to the YouTube app -> Settings -> History & Privacy -> Clear Watch History.
  • Move onto the next step if the error still exists.

Sign Out of Youtube App

If you’re using an iPhone or an iPad, go to Settings -> Accounts -> Google and remove your Gmail account. 

If you’re on an android, go to the YouTube app’s settings and sign out of your account. If issues with the google account created this issue, this will help you resolve the issue.


Uninstall Youtube App

Problems within the YouTube app can be cleared out by simply uninstalling and reinstalling the app. 

On an iPhone/iPad, press on the app until it starts toggling and press on x to uninstall. 

While on android smartphones, the way you uninstall apps differ from one smartphone to the other. Hopefully, you find a way to uninstall it.

Install the YouTube app again and check if the error is gone.


Change The DNS Address

Follow these steps to change the DNS address on your device:

On iPhone

–Go to Settings and tap on WiFi

–Click on the blue “i” button which is next to the wifi you’re connected to

–Now scroll down to DNS and tap on Configure DNS

–Select Manual if it is set to Automatic

–Scroll down to the DNS servers and delete all the servers

–Now tap on Add server

–Add and 

–Now launch the YouTube app and try to play videos


On Android

–Go to Settings and tap on WiFi & Network

–Click and hold on your WiFi network

–Choose Modify Network

–Type in your password and go to Advanced Options

–Scroll down until you find IP Settings

–Change DHCP to Static

–Now scroll a little down and Enter the following:

DNS 1:

DNS 2:

–Launch the youtube app and see if the error is fixed.

We hope that these simple steps have helped you to Fix Video Playback Error in Youtube App. 

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