In this article, you are going to read below the guide on how to make games download Faster on PS4.

But before you go ahead and learn how to download Games faster on PS4, here are a few things you need to know. Most PS4 users are getting problems while downloading the games on PlayStation 4, this is very possible because of your internet speed. Also, depends on the Sony server state.

Below are some of the few tips and tricks to improve the download speed of your PS4. The PS4 download speed is the major issue most of us are facing. So, jump to the discussion, steps to download the PS4 games faster and fix this issue more simply.

How To Download Games Faster In PS4?

Here are the few things which may be the major reasons that are affecting your PS4 download speed and there are some steps you should follow to Download Games Faster on PS4.

Internet Connection

Choose a nice Internet Service Provider. Use a proper internet connection to download games in Ps4 faster and without any issues. You can check the speed of your internet from Free Speed Test websites such as Go to the link to test your internet speed. You need to test this because sometimes the ISP’s services will not be up to the mark as required. Thus you always have to be aware of the ISP bandwidth and choose the right ISP to download the PS4 Games faster and effectively.

Types of Connections: Wired or Wireless

The fast and simple step to increase your PS4 download speed is to connect your PS4 to the router through an Ethernet Cable. But you have to be careful to use a proper cable to get a proper, fast downloading speed.

If the connection between your PS4 and the internet is in a wireless mode that is easy but the speed will always depend on several factors like, the distance between the devices, the number of devices connected to the WiFi, and many more. And there is always n option to use the Powerline Adapter because it will make the job easier to use the wireless connection in your zone.

Consume Less Bandwidth

If you are downloading high-data music and videos while you are trying to download games on PS4, then you should stop that at the moment. This is because the high data music and videos will affect your PS4 downloading speed. To achieve the faster internet and downloading speed of PS4, you have to stop and free up all the high bandwidth internet operations.

Moving on to how to use the Local Area Network (LAN) internet connection to make a faster internet connection to download PS4 games.

How To Use Ethernet Cable Connection On PS4?

  • If used a wired connection to download the PS4 it will give better results. It will work faster and will improve your download speeds as well.
  • But to get this, you need a better Ethernet cable because the ethernet connection will be connected to the back of your PS4.
  • You can find the Ethernet slot, PS4 Slim, and the PS4 Pro on the back of your PS4. So, insert all the open slots and connect them to the router.
  • Now head to the Network Settings on the PS4 Console and connect it to the Internet with a wired connection.
  • Powerline Adapter is the best to use instead of the normal one because it will boost your speed and make games download faster.

Thus, following all the above steps will make the games download.

Now let us discuss the steps to improve the Slower speed of the PS4 while downloading it.

How To Improve The Download Speed Of PS4 Games?

Here are a few tricks you can apply which will increase the downloading speed of your PS4 games. Follow the steps below to increase your PS4 download speed.

If the above steps did not get you the faster download, then simply pause and resume the PS4 download process because this will improve the speed drastically.

Sometimes there can be an improper connection to Sony’s server with the PSN setup. If you pause the download then, it will correct automatically. Now resume the download process. To do that, you have to go to the notification settings and enter X to increase the speed. But be careful that, sometimes the estimated downloading speed can decrease drastically. But, there is nothing to worry about that as it will not affect your PS4 games download speed.

Therefore, if you follow these steps above, it will improve your slower PS4 games’ downloading speed.

We hope, this article is helpful for you and was able to download games with better performances and speed.