We all lock our phones with passwords and lock patterns to secure our phones and data from others.

But sometimes due to entering a wrong password/Code multiple times can get your phone locked. In that case, you don’t need to worry, there are various methods you can apply to unlock your android phones.

There are different ways to unlock your android phone, here we have some detailed ways to unlock an android phone without factory reset.

You might try resetting your phone which can sometimes automatically unlock your phone but before trying that let’s check out some of the common and effective solutions to unlock locked Android phones.

Method 1. Unlock your Android phone password Via Google Account

In this solution, you can try to unlock your phone by using your Google Account.

To proceed with this method you will need access to your Google account which was linked to your phone. Follow the steps to unlock by using a google account.

1. When you enter the wrong password, you should see ‘Forget Password’ on the bottom of your phone screen. Click on it.
2. Here, you have to enter the Gmail account that is linked to your device.

Gmail account

3. Click on Next after entering your correct Gmail ID and Password.

Enter google account details

4. Finally, you will be asked to reset your password. Create a password that you can easily remember.

Method 2. Unlock your Android Screen Lock By Using a Backup PIN.

This is another method where you can simply unlock your phone without a factory reset. If you enter the wrong password 6 times you can use a backup PIN to unlock your password. Follow the steps below.

1. After trying many times you’ll get a message to try after 30 seconds (Remember that this time can increase with each attempt).
2. You can see forget password and Backup PIN on the bottom of your phone screen. Click on Backup PIN.
3. Then, enter your Backup PIN in the given text box.
4. Once you enter the correct PIN, your phone will be unlocked.

This method is only for those who have a backup PIN. If you did not save any Backup PIN, then please try out another solution.

Method 3. Bypass Your Phone Screen Lock Using Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager [ADM] also known as Find my Device which is used for locating your phone when it gets lost.

This application is also used to unlock or erase your Android Device. Find my device provides you with 3 options RING, LOCK, OR ERASE. You can use the lock option to unlock your phone. Follow the steps given.

1. Open www.android.com/find from a mobile or you can also use your computer and log in to your Gmail account linked to your locked device. Then choose your device to unlock.

FindMyPhone android

2. Once you have selected your device from the link, click on LOCK/SECURE DEVICE from the option.
3. Now a different window will appear on your screen, you can set a new password there.
4. You can also add a number or recovery email.
5. Use your locked device and enter the password you have set just now.

Method 4. Remove Lock screen of Android Phone Using ADB [ Android Debug Bridge]

This is another method to unlock your phone without a factory reset. If any of the above methods did not work for you then this might help you. Follow the steps below.

1. First, download ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on your computer.
2. Then open the installer and download the packages.
3. Connect your phone to the computer with the help of a USB cable.
4. Then go to Settings on your phone and click on the Build Number option seven times.
5. After that New Developer Option will be allowed on your phone.
6. Click on the Developer option and then Turn On the USB debugging.
7. Open the command prompt in the installation directory on your ADB.
8. Then enter ‘adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key’ in the given window.

9. After completing all the given instructions, restart your device.
10. It will not ask you for any screen lock password.

Method 5. Disable Lock screen Password Using Android Unlock Software

If any of the solutions did not work out for you, then you can use one of the popular solutions Android Unlocker Software to unlock Android phone screen unlock without factory reset.
Note. This method in LG or Samsung will not lose any data but in any other android device, some of the data might get lost by this method.
Follow the steps.
1. Connect your Android device to your PC. Find Android lock screen Removal on your Computer and Click on Unlock.
2. Choose your device Model. It is important to choose the correct phone model from the list.
3. Enter into download mode. Press Volume down, home, and power button at the same time. Then again press Volume Up to enter into Download Mode.
4. After you enter the Download mode, it will automatically start to download the recovery package.
5. After downloading the recovery package click on Remove now and enter your confirmation code to unlock the screen.
6. Finally, enter the correct code and your phone should now get unlocked.

These 5 methods should help you unlock your phone without deleting any of your data. Hope you were successful in unlocking your Android phone by using one of the solutions mentioned in this article.


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