Fix Playstation MHW Error Code 5038f-mw1 Easily

Here in this article, you will get the total steps to solve the Monster Hunter World Error Code 5038f-mw1. So for this, you will have to scroll till the end with good concentration.

As, there are many error codes on the Monster Hunter World, but in this article, you will get complete ideas about the mhw error code 5038f-mw1 and its total solution on a step-by-step basis. This error code mainly happens due to the day strain on the game’s server. 

What is mhw error code 5038f-mw1?

error code 5038f-mw1 is an error many people encounters while playing Monster Hunter: World. This error coder affects the users and prevents the users from accepting event quests successfully and matchmaking. You will find the same error on play-station 4 and Xbox One consoles. But considering its popularity the developers have taken this concern very seriously. And this they have fixed the issues but again after a couple of months, the problem still exists.

The error is often caused by incompatibility with the router of your location. This accidentally blocks the console from connecting to the internet connection. But this can be solved by assigning the static IP for the console and placing its IP on the Dematerialized Zone (DMZ).

So, we have considered this issue and also detailed the efficient solution. For this do scroll till the end and hope you will be able to solve error code 5038f-mw1 on yourself.

How To Repair mhw error code 5038f-mw1?

If you are a PC user and if you own the game on Steam then you have the option to disable the Steam Overlay as it has helped lots of users.

So here is the list of solutions of Error Code: 5038f-mw1

The solution to the Console Users-Add Your Console to the DMZ in Your Router

If you are playing the game on your console then you will know the trick behind it. This is because the console’s IP can keep changing from time to time. And after this, you will have to add it to DMZ which is the De-militarized Zone and it should be safe without connection problem.

Initially, you will have to find the IP of your concerned console:

For this do follow the steps below:

PlayStation 4 Users

  • The first step is that you will have to go to the Play Station 4 main menu
  • Here you will have to select Setting>Network>View Connection Status
  • You will see navigation like this on View Connection Status
  • Now you will have to locate the IP address in the screen which opens initially. And after this, you have to make sure that you make note of it because you will require it to enable port forwarding.
  • For this, you will have to be sure that you have written the MAC address of your PS4.

For Xbox One Users

  • The first step is you will have to navigate to the home page and push the menu tab on the controller of your Xbox one
  • Now navigate to the Settings>Network>Advanced setting
  • Here you will see the web frame.
  • Now in the IP setting, you will have to go through the IP address listing. After this, copy or write down the number as you have to assign the IP address also later on.
  • So, with this, you will see Wired MAC address or wireless MAC address listed which is listed beneath IP settings.
  • You have to write down the 12-digit address to get the proper connection.

Assigning Static IP address to the Console

In order to assign the static IP address to the console please follow the steps just mentioned below

Now you will have to assign static IP addresses to the consoles by following the steps below:

  • Initially open your browser, then enter your IP Address in the address bar and then tap “Enter”.
  • After this simply enter your User Name and Password to get your router interface. But the default username should be listed in the router’s document, as this might be in the form of a sticker on the side of your router or you will find this on the Port Forward Website.
  • So after this locate the Enable Manual Assignment option and then tap on the radio button which is simply next to Yes. But the name of the option might be just different or you might not find the option.
  • If so then you will have to locate the window as this allows you to type in the MAC address and the IP address which you want. Then type it in the address section.
  • Now after this you have to click on Add option as this will add your console’s IP address on your PC.

Add your console’s IP address to the DMZ

So guys now you have to add your console’s IP address to the DMZ, as this is the setting located at the menu option. This will happen after you log in to your router using your internet browser. And for this do follow our steps below.

  • Initially, you will have to open your browser, then type your IP address in the address bar and tap Enter. But for you will have to follow the above-mentioned steps.
  • Then locate the DMZ option which is in the setting option in the Setting panel of your router. This option is mainly in a different location and it will mainly be present beneath the Security tab.
  • So now you will have to choose the DMZ option and enter the static IP address which you have assigned in your console.
  • And if everything goes correct then your console will be accessible to the internet connection. Here you have to make sure you turn off your router and console, with this simply wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Finally, turn on your console and launch the Monster Hunter and also check if the mhw error code 5038f-mw1 still exists or not.
A solution to the Steam Users: Disable Steam Overlay and Other Settings for the Game

Similarly, the users who use the game on Steam can use this step to solve their problem simply by disabling Steam Overlay for the game. As it works for some but few claims that it does not work. But still, we suggest you try this solution and for this do follow our steps below:

  • Initially open up the steam on your computer by double-clicking its entry on the Desktop. Or you can reach it here by searching for it in the Start Menu.
  • Here you will see the Web Frame.
  • After this, you will have to scroll down to the Library tab on the Steam window just by locating the Library tab simply at the top of the Window. So, with this done you will have to locate Monster Hunter in the list of games that you have in your respective library.
  • So, here you will have to click on the game’s icon which is in the list. Then after this, you will have to choose the Properties option from the Context menu and finally click the Set launch options button.
  • Depending on your system you will get the window navigation.
mhw error code: 5038f-mw1 (Disable Steam Overlay and Other Settings)

After the above, you will have to continue with the steps which are listed below

  • Now you will have to type nofriendsui-udp-nofriendsui-tcp in the bar to find out if there were some other launch options situated in the overview window. But you have to make sure that you separate this with space. For this click the OK button in the order to confirm the changes.
  • Then try to launch the game from the Library option and just see if the Monster Hunter World Error Code: 5038f-mw1 again occurs or not.
  • But if you follow our above steps then you should not face any error code of Munster Hunter: World like 5038f-mw1.

Thus, this much for now guys and if you still face the Monster HunterWorld Error Code 5038f-mw1 then do give your feedback to us. As nothing is 100% efficient but still this solution should work to fix the Monster Hunter: World Error Code 5038f-mw1.

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