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Problem finding tinder match?

Problem finding tinder match?

Tinder is one of the popular online dating app, established in 2012 it has grown ever since and now has millions of active users. Great for single people seeking some connection in this strange world. The tagline of Tinder on its website is Match Chat Date, three easy mantra words. But let me tell you getting a Match can be quite a difficult task and there are no guaranteed methods to find a Match. Having said that, there are key solutions that can raise the probability of finding one. In this article, we will suggest some of the key factors that play a role in getting Matched.

Are you the one struggling to find a tinder match, do you think its because you are ugly, we all have gone through this as it seems attractive personality are more likely to be matched than normal looking fellows, it’s not only the looks that matter but also how you set up your character on Tinder.

As Tinder is an online app, the very first impression is your profile pictures. So make sure to have a proper image because it just takes a second to get discarded if it’s not attractive. To be honest don’t lose hope if you aren’t that macho man with great face and physique, millions of people they all don’t have the same taste. So saying only the beautiful people get matched is far fetched truth. It’s actually how the picture looks, too much showiness isn’t good either. Follow these guidelines while setting up a profile picture.

Overall as profile image is the first impression so make sure to follow the list mentioned above.

Ok, so now you have a great looking picture as your profile pic and all ready to get some match. But Tinder isn’t only about pictures, another key feature is the bio. Bio is a small introduction that Tinder displays alongside your display image. Make sure you don’t leave your bio empty, be creative, and less verbose to make it stand out from others. There are numerous examples of bio, but again there is no standard on how you should write, below we have mentioned a few guidelines that can help in creating one for yourself.

  1. First, be honest with the information you give.
  2. The shorter the better.
  3. Start with some creative or funny lines.
  4. Give a little hint about yourself.
  5. No need to go in detail explaining yourself.
  6. Mention clearly what you are looking for.
  7. Make sure to use proper grammar and spelling.

With Bio and profile picture set, now let’s add some more details. I guess by now you should know the importance of pictures on Tinder. On Tinder you have the possibility to add more pictures that can be shared too, so why not use that opportunity to reflect your lifestyle with some cool images. For this try uploading images that more variation and images with high quality. Upload ones with your group socializing, with your pets or hobbies you like. Try uploading that gives more information about you so that people can get a sense of what you are and are easier to get to you but limit to 6 or so images.

With your profile ready now, the other factors are how you use Tinder basically. Tinder has an algorithm that is not disclosed yet and has been evolving with time. So at the moment, it is not easy to decipher their algorithm. Tinder is a matchmaking online dating app so they try to create an environment where genuine people with similar preferences and activities are shown to each other. With millions of users, they categorize them with their preference, age, location, and so on. You play by the rules set by Tinder, so make sure you adhere to them. Some of the things you should care are mentioned below,

Lastly, if the above guide doesn’t help you then there are other options that can boost your possibility of finding a match, you may well go for Tinder subscription. You can upgrade to either Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

To subscribe, follow these steps

Tinder Plus Subscriptions

Tinder Gold Subscription

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