Stuck on PlayStation 4 DNS Error NW-31253-4 still in 2021?.

PS4 error is the problem in your network and its DNS settings. As we know error code is hampering the accuracy and the fluency of Play Station 4 and it is due to error codes.

The error code such as NW-31253-4 happens in the window or other software applications which is mainly shown to its users.

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The error code is a specific number and that helps to identify which error you are encountering. So, when you get the error code, search for the error code number and easily identify the error. And this certainly will help you fix the actual error and its cause. So folks! let us focus on the PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4 and the steps to fix it in 2021.

How To Repair NW-31253-4 PS4 Error Code – PlayStation?

There are numerous solutions to solve this error but initially, you have to make sure that you have a proper internet connection. 

You should not connect multiple devices in the same network connectivity while operating PS4.

We always recommend you to use the Reimage Plus if you have an issue with your PC or Laptop. 

The Reimage tool with a scan will reposition and replace the damaged or missing files.

If you perform this task to mend the NW-31253 PS4 Error Code- PlayStation then it will repair your PS4 error in most cases. 

But for this, you have to download the Reimage Tool. As you will find the Reimage Tool on the internet easily.

But here we have mentioned the steps to mend the NW-31253-4 Error Code which is mainly involved with the DNS server.

Solution 1: Change DNS Address To Google’s DNS To Fix PS4 Error

You will find numerous DNS addresses that are absolutely free on the internet. And you will be able to use these DNS addresses free without any restrictions.

So, in numerous cases when you edit the DNS address from automatic to Google’s free DNS the issue of NW-31253-4 Error Code will be fixed.

Now follow the steps mentioned below to edit the default DNS Address on your PS4

  • Firstly you have to scroll down to the PS4 home menu and scroll right and then go to Settings>Network>Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Then you have to choose the Wi-Fi or LAN Cable options.
  • After this when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network you have to choose the Custom option where you have to select the Select Network option. 
  • Then enter your Password but if you have already saved the password then it will be filled in automatically for you.
  • Now, scroll to IP address Address Setting and choose automatic and go to DHCP Host section but not to use it.
  • After this tap on Settings to operate the DNS settings manually.
  • But if you are a LAN user which is a wired connection then go to Custom>IP Address Settings(Automatic)>DHCP Host Name (Do Not Use)>DNS Settings (Manually)
  • After this, you have to simply enter the Primary DNS and the number is Then enter the Secondary DNS and the number for this is
  • Here you will see a similar web frame.
  • After this simply go to Next>MTU setting (Automatic)>Proxy Server (Do Not Use). 
  • And then check the internet connection to fix the issue of DNS.

Solution 2: Reset the PS4 to fix NW-31253 PS4 Error Code- PlayStation

This is a very popular fixing step that you should follow to resolve the NW-31253-4 PS4 Error codes. Because when you reset the PS4 some of its ultimate settings will be refreshed and reupdated. 

This will refresh the connection that you have in between the PS4 and the router or the connecting modem.

So, please follow our steps mentioned below to completely reset the PS4 from getting any type of error codes such as NW-31253-4

  • Initially, you have to reset the PS4 to fix it completely.
  • Now when the console is turned off, then you have to turn off the power connections which will be in the back part of the console.
  • After this, you have to disconnect all the things you have connected with the console such as Modem, Router, Controllers, Power suppliers, and more.
  • Then you have to keep the console unplugged for a minute or so prior to connecting the reconnect every part of it.
  • Now you have to assure that your connection is correct and fixed up
  • Finally, you have to input the power connector into the PS4.

If you follow these above-mentioned steps then you can fix the PS4 Error NW-31253-4 in 2019

But we have another step remaining in this article, so navigate down a little.

Solution 3: Go For Internet Support Troubleshooter

If you still face problems while trying to fix the PS4 Error Nw-31253-4 in 2019 a Fix and Connection Tool is waiting for you.

 And you will receive it on the internet which is mainly made available by Sony.

This site is available freely on the internet, you have to visit the site and apply the instructions to mend the error of DNS error code NW-31253-4.

This instruction is highly appreciated by PS4 users who are encountering the PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4. Because if you follow this step then you will get the solution to fix the DNS Error NW-31253-4.

And if you follow our steps above then you should be able to fix the PS error code NW-31253-4 on your own.

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