If you receive Tinder Error 40303 then that’s the horrifying message you can get from Tinder. This error indicates that your account has been permanently been banned from Tinder. Tinder has zero tolerance towards users violating their Terms or Community Guidelines.

To keep the process safe for all users, Tinder has a strict policy and bans users whenever they have been reported multiple times. So be careful not to be a disruptive user because you might lose your account.

Have you been spamming, using abusive language or vulgar content, or disrespecting other users? It is better to stop and be nice to fellow users. Tinder takes the safety of its user with high priority so if you are reported more than once then it is highly likely that you will lose your account. After all, Tinder is a dating app so the user needs to feel safe and use the app without any fear or abuse.

If you are not that kind of mean user and think you are honest and have not violated any Tinder terms and services but got banned, then luckily there’s a legit way of unbanning your Tinder account. Tinder will hear you but we suggest you to at least wait for 24 hours before you reach out to Tinder.

Send an email to Tinder at help@gotinder.com and be polite and honest, request them that there was a mistake and you can not access your account. They will investigate the matter and respond to you and will also state the reason for error code 40303.

If they conclude that you have violated it, then sadly it’s very difficult to retrieve your account. Another thing, if you’ve subscribed to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, then you may need to cancel your subscription to prevent any future payments. Below are the details to unsubscribe.

If you have subscribed using your Apple ID (iOS) or Google Play Store account (Android), follow the steps to unsubscribe:

For iOS Users

Open your iPhone Settings

Tap your name and then tap Subscriptions

Select the subscription that you wish to cancel

Tap on Cancel Subscription


For Android Users

Open Google Play Store on your device

Tap the Menu icon and then go to Subscriptions

Select the subscription that you like to cancel

Tap on Cancel subscription

Direct credit card option

Open the Tinder app

Tap on the profile icon

Select Manage Payment Account and,

Click on Cancel Subscription

Unsubscribe from Web

Go to www.tinder.com

Tap the profile icon

Go to Manage Account

Either disable Auto-Renew or select Cancel

Can’t unban your account, then probably it’s time to create a new account. We are not judging you by your action, but getting banned isn’t a good thing. But if you think it was a mistake then you should be careful and respect the Terms and community guidelines set by Tinder. Till then Happy dating 🙂

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