In this article, we will be writing about a Tinder error and its solutions. A lot of Tinder users are currently having an issue whenever they try to open your Tinder App or use any features of Tinder. An error message pops out saying “Oops something went wrong“. As with many other Tinder error messages, this too doesn’t give a clear insight about the error and its causes. This must be quite frustrating for you as the error message doesn’t make much sense, and you are stuck with no fix. Don’t worry, the solutions mentioned here have helped many and hope you too can benefit from it.

Please read through the article if you are experiencing this particular error. There are many possibilities for this kind of error on Tinder, few are mentioned below,

  • Outdated Tinder App
  • Cache and cookies stored on your phone
  • Internet connections
  • Using a VPN to access Tinder
  • Tinder facing some overhaul time.
  • Or due to some problem with your device

How to fix “Oops something went wrong” error?

Before you start, just make sure whether you can access your Tinder account using a web browser. It is great that Tinder has a web version and also gives you a chance to investigate whether the issue lies with Tinder or with your device. Make sure to use google chrome or Firefox as this is more compatible with Tinder. If you successfully log in using a web browser then at least we can deduce that Tinder is working fine and we can look for other solutions.

Some of the solutions provided below will delete your saved data relating to Tinder, so it better to take a backup before proceeding.

Update your Tinder app

First, let’s start by updating your Tinder app, this is the best way to sort out most of the issues. Tinder developers are constantly resolving various bugs and previous issues and come up with a new updated version, so make sure you have the latest version, if not please update and see if that works. If updating didn’t help, then please follow the next procedure.

Most of the Tinder errors are simply fixed by just clearing out the cache memory from your phone. Sometimes your phone can run out of memory due to cache memory and even have an issue with cached data.

Clearing Cache memory and App data

For Android users:

  • Go to Settings on your mobile device
  • Select Apps or Application manager
  • Scroll down and select Tinder
  • Then clear the cache by tapping on Clear Data and Clear Cache
  • Restart your device and check whether the error persists

For iOS users:

  • Tap and hold the Tinder app icon
  • From the popup box, tap on App Info
  • On the App info menu, select Storage Usage
  • Then tap on Clear Cache
  • Restart your device and check whether the error persists.

If clearing out your cache data didn’t work, let’s check out another solution. Did you register Tinder using a Facebook ID? If you have, then it is likely that Tinder is integrated with Facebook and sometimes that may be the reason for the issues you are facing on Tinder.

Remove Tinder app from Facebook

  • Open your Facebook account that was linked with Tinder.
  • Select Settings & Privacy.
  • And then select Settings.
  • Click on Apps and Websites in the left menu.
  • Then click the box next to the Tinder apps.
  • And lastly, Click Remove.

These are some of the solutions that have fixed “Oops something went wrong” solutions for many, and I hope you too have been successful in resolving it. But If none of the solutions mentioned above resolved your error then it is better if you could just re-install Tinder and see if the error persists. If it does then it’s best to contact the Tinder Support team and let them know your problem and the methods you have tried to resolve them.

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